Thomas Berger

National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
Lecture: Solar cycle activity and its forecasting

Manolis Georgoulis

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), USA
Lecture: Solar Flares, CMEs and their Forecasting

Mauro Messerotti

INAF, Italy
Lecture: Solar Radio bursts and their forecasting

Ian G. Richardson

University of Maryland, USA
Lecture: Solar wind and transient structures

Emilia Kilpua

Univ. of Helsinki, Finland
Lecture: ICMEs, SEPs, CIRs, SIRs and their forecasting

Petra Vanlommel

Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, Bruxelles, Belgium
Lecture: Lab activity (focus on solar and heliospheric weather)

Domenico Di Mauro and Stefania Lepidi

INGV, Italy
Lecture: The Geomagnetic Field and the Magnetosphere

Lucilla Alfonsi

INGV, Italy
Lecture: The Terrestrial Ionosphere

Dedong Wang

Lecture: The Solar Wind – Magnetosphere Coupling, Radiation Belts, Plasmasphere

Kirsti Kauristie

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
Lecture: Effects of space weather on the Earth’s ionosphere

Antti Pulkinnen

Lecture: Effects of space weather on technological systems and society

Yana Maneva

Royal Observatory of Belgium
Lecture: Lab activity (focus on magnetosphere, ionosphere, aviation, and ground based impact)

Thomas Berger

University of Colorado, USA
Lecture: Research to operations (R2O) and operations to research (O2R)

Tamitha Skov

Millersville University, USA
Lecture: Space weather: from expert to non-expert

Jennifer Meehan

NOAA, Washington, USA
Lecture: Careers in Space Weather