Solar cycle activity and its forecasting
Thomas Berger (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
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Solar Flares, CMEs and their Forecasting
Manolis Georgoulis (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory APL, USA)

Solar Radio bursts and their forecasting
Mauro Messerotti (INAF, Italy)

Solar wind and transient structures
Ian G. Richardson (University of Maryland, USA)
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ICMEs, SEPs, CIRs, SIRs and their forecasting
Emilia Kilpua (Univ. of Helsinki, Finland)

Lab activity (focus on solar and heliospheric weather)
Petra Vanlommel (Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, Bruxelles, Belgium)

The Geomagnetic Field and the Magnetosphere
Domenico Di Mauro and Stefania Lepidi (INGV, Italy)

The Terrestrial Ionosphere
Lucilla Alfonsi (INGV, Italy)

Magnetosphere Coupling, Radiation Belts, Plasmasphere - The Solar Wind
Dedong Wang (GFZ-Potsdam)

Effects of space weather on the Earth’s ionosphere
Kirsti Kauristie (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland)

Effects of space weather on technological systems and society
Antti Pulkinnen (NASA/GSFC, USA)

Lab activity (focus on magnetosphere, ionosphere, aviation, and ground based impact)
Yana Maneva (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
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Research to operations (R2O) and operations to research (O2R)
Thomas Berger (University of Colorado, USA)

Space weather: from expert to non-expert
Tamitha Skov (Millersville University, USA)

Careers in Space Weather
Jennifer Meehan (NOAA, Washington, USA)